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Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

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At Nadia’s Performance Studio, students learn Jazz under the Australasian Dance Association Ltd. (A.D.A.) syllabus.We have 2 streams of Jazz Training:

*PRE-PRIMARY TO MAJORS GRADE WORK: taught to students from 3 years to adults. Children will be assigned to their grade according to their age and skill. This will be determined within the first few weeks of Term 1. Only students who participate in all their grade work classes can be chosen for Jazz Troupes. Participation in exams is recommended but not compulsory. By completing all the required examinations your child can become a certified A.D.A. Jazz Teacher!

*OPEN JAZZ CLASSES: If your child wants to learn jazz, but does not want to participate in exams or eisteddfods, then these are the classes for you. Children as young as 3-4 year olds can take part in Tiny Tots Jazz; with classes in all age groups up to adults. These students will only perform at our end of year Concert and Sydney Stars On Show eisteddfod.

At all levels our Jazz Training is current & fun! Learn rhythm, kicks, spins, leaps, turns and all that is pivotal to any dancer.